Cocoia is an industrious little Dutch company that has is, amongst things, behind the succesful icon website Icon Designer, has a well-visited blog, runs an online service that teaches the theory and technique behind icon design, and sells stock icons in its very own Icon Store. Its founder and lead designer Sebastiaan de With works as an interface and icon designer on a freelance basis, as well as providing on-site and remote consultancy for application and interaction design. Since 2008, Cocoia also enlists other talented freelance designers for larger assignments.

Cocoia has recently started an initiative to develop several additional online services; from the versatile and straightforward Cake, a powerful and elegant desktop and online service for URL shortening, file uploading and sharing, and image and website bookmarking, to improvements to running services such as Icon Resource 2.0, boasting three wholly new courses and project files.

New Websites Launched

Cocoia is pleased to announce the immediate release of our new websites. On each, you can find our latest projects, designs, free goodies and much more. Please take some time to check everything out and let us know what you think!

Everybody loves Cake is Cocoia’s latest project, an aims to unify all the handy web utilties we love into a powerful single website.